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#Refah; #Saffron competitive price, premium quality
90% of the world saffron comes from Iran. We are proud to supply or customers with quality Iranian saffron
our product are high quality and have all necessary international standards. ISO3632, ISO 22000, ISO 9001, HACCP, FDA, IFS FOOD
negin is a new variety of saffron that is longer and thicker than common saffron
#Refah; #Recyclable
#Refah; #Recyclable



Refah Ltd. (Kft.) has been setup as an import and export company projected to deal in the trade of several commodities. The main area of focus will be the trade of recyclable materials. These materials are separated as hazardous and non-hazardous. Refah Ltd. has obtained the license from the National Inspectorate for Environment, Nature and Water, Hungary, for the trade in both categories (Environmental Customer Identification Number, KÜJ, 103248297). The recyclable waste materials mentioned above include ferrous and non-ferrous metal; lead batteries, other types of batteries, electrolytes from batteries and

accumulators; end-of-life vehicles and components; paper, cardboard, plastic, metallic and glass packaging; copper, bronze and brass, aluminum, lead, iron and steel; end-of-life tires. Among these recyclable waste materials, batteries, lead and scrap metals are of primary concern.

Furthermore, Refah Ltd. has secured the distributorship of Iranian saffron, the highest quality of its kind, and one of the most valuable commodities on the planet. Refah Ltd. will join possible buyers of Iranian saffron in european countries with its important producers.

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